Main features of video analysis:

  • AreaEntrance:Intrusion alarm on a topic of interest within an virtual area configured.
  • TripWire: Alarm on crossing a virtual line configured, as part of a subject of interest, in a certain direction, or in both.
  • Tampering: Alarm blackout or moving the camera.
  • VideoLoss: Alarm on loss of input video signal.
  • Loitering And PanicDisorder.
  • PTZ Tracking: panning for automatic PTZ camera tracking of subjects of interest to have an alarm detected by another subsystem;
  • Extensibility / customizations.
  • Scalability:
  • Interoperability.
  • Best in class / end-user choice.
  • Unlimited number of cameras and users.
  • Map feature.
  • Camera Navigator.
  • Alarm Manager.
  • Flexible event- and time-based rule system.
  • Unlimited archiving schedules