A Smart Layer of Analytics is able to Track and Predict Events

Video Analytics not only alerts you to potentially hazardous situations, it also notifies you of the situations that can contribute to their occurrence. Take pre-emptive measures with the fewest number of resources with these applications:

Intrusion detection - Ensures perimeter control for sensitive or restricted areas such as permit parking and limited-access buildings. With Video Analytics-enabled channels, your surveillance system will automatically detect, track and alert you to the possibility of intruders. 

Crowd management – Monitors for the build-up of crowds based on occupancy measurements, ensuring that your operations run smoothly and customers aren’t impacted by uncomfortable and potentially unsafe crowds.

Situation indication - Protects your security systems by automatically identifying camera tampering, alleviating the necessity for costly and time-consuming manual inspections.

In addition, Video Analytics:

  • Controls for variables such as weather conditions, moving vehicles or changes in lighting
  • Identifies and alerts for objects or people moving against the flow (counter-flow activity)— a common indicator of potential incidents
  • Enables multiple analytics applications on the same video channel
  • Introduces PTZ tracking capabilities for better utilization and higher detection rates