Comprehensive CCTV and data capabilities

The Video & Audio Surveillance System has embedded software analytics combined with artificial intelligence. The system is based on the following elements:

  • IP cameras PTZ and Analog PTZ cameras, Dual optical (thermal and optical), with encoder and connection to the IP and an infrared illuminator
  • Server infrastructure consisting of hardware and software for the capture, distribution and recording of video images, connected to a storage system at the data center;
  • Video Wall System System at the Operations Room, on which are displayed in real-time images from some cameras connected to the system;
  • Software Algorithms for intelligent video analysis for the detection of certain events.
  • Automatic recognition recognition through audio and video parsing, for identification of subjects.
  • Powerful data storage for collecting and maintaining all the video and audio data in a considerably smaller area with lower energy consumption and with a higher speed and reliability.
  • Optional integration of Cyber protection layer to defend against penetration of the CCTV data system.