The CyBroDat 15x100 is the ideal solution for CCTV Data Storage

Combined with our comprehensive solutions we are the only ones who can integrate high volume data storage combined with forensic and analytic applications in physical.

Capacity:One CyBroBox is able to provide over 2.1PB of usable capacity in a single 42U rack.

Speed:3.5 Gb/sec Max throughput

Ease of Use:Simple and powerful interfaces including WebUI, RESTful API, cross platform CLI.

Energy efficient:Superior power efficiency, only consuming 8kW Max.

Resiliency:Distributed RAID- 6 equivalent data protection. Only 10 minutes for a dual disk recovery.

The CyBroDat 15x100 has superior reliability and resilience

Resiliency (7 Nines)

  • Fastest Rebuild-Time in the Industry - from 0-20 minutes to recover from dual 4TB drive failure!
  • End-to-End Data Authentication – Protection against silent corruptions and Lost-Writes
  • Balanced Writes – System is always write-balanced (no Hot-Spots)
  • Disk Monitoring Supervisor –Health checks for SCSI, driver and latency checks
  • Delayed Replacement of Failed Drives

The CyBroDat 15x100 is extremely easy to manage

Ease of Use

  • Web Based GUI – HTML5 ( Client-less – no need to install client software, Embedded within the machine, View from anywhere)
  • Powerful CLI (Cross-platform , Auto-completion)
  • RESTful API
  • LDAP Integration
  • Role-based Access Control

Asynchronous Replication

  • Allows backup sites for emergency planning
  • Permits management of multiple locations

Fast and flexible compression

  • Super-fast In-line Process
  • Up to 3PB Net Capacity Multiple Compression Methods:
    • LZ4 (default)
    • Gzip
    • LZJB
    • LZ0