Extract value and actionable information from your video using simultaneous presentation of objects, events and activities that occurred at different times.


  • Discover previously unreported/undiscovered events
  • Maximizes existing camera/VMS investment
  • Get better evidence, faster
  • Reduce manpower time and costs
  • For large teams of investigators working on multiple cases
  • Offline video can be synchronized to the central database
  • Used successfully by law enforcement and agencies worldwide
  • Export and share investigation information
  • Object attribute control further reduces review time

Key Features

  • Accepts video from a wide range of sources and formats
  • Case management/access control for team investigations
  • Accommodates centrally connected and/or offline clients
  • Highly scalable: DB capacity, users and servers
  • Control object attributes (e.g., size, direction, color, speed)
  • Hours of video can be reviewed in minutes
  • 1-click event selection indexes back to the original video
  • 1-click export of Video Synopsis and/or original video
  • Bookmark and annotate objects for team collaboration
  • Area of Interest/Area of Exclusion
  • Easy to operate