We incorporate Cyber Security Applications.
The 15x100 has the capability to Detect, Analyze and Counteract cyber-threats

CyBro has developed Cyber security solutions in response to the growing threats against critical infrastructures and industrial/business networks. These solutions are also able to investigate within the cyber domain for preventive intelligence activity or forensic analysis. They are:

Data Intelligence & Analysis System – DIAS, a combination of technology and expertise. The software component is an expert intelligence system of knowledge-management able to correlate structure and information flows or support a forensic analysis. The analysis system can be used for preventive purposes or to trigger alert messages according to preset alarm thresholds.

Cyberdefence an advanced tool to detect, analyze, and mitigate APTs, targeted attacks, and 0-day threats, completed by a security team service. Technological solution is able to detect immediately cyber attack through: drive-by exploit detector, malware sandbox where, in-depth analysis of code and behavior.