We Design and Operate Local Operations & Joint Operations Command Centres.

The Centralized Control Room allows the integration of sensor, communication and information networks to provide a Common Operational Picture in one location for centralized decision, support and control.

Unified Communication

  • We offer a communication system for the Operations Room of the IP network
  • Based on Open Source Solution: Asterisk
  • It is able to integrate different radio technologies (eg, VHF / UHF, DMR, LTE) with any VoIP system (IP terminals, softphones, PSTN gateway, Cameras, Intercoms)


  • multimedia workstations (dual screen)
  • communication system
  • videoconferencing system
  • video projection system (videowall)
  • tactical multi-touch table

C2HMI: Command & Control Human Machine Interface

C2HMI (Command and Control Human Machine Interface): the advanced and innovative interface provides a Situation Awareness tool which implements the Multi-Touch Multi-User interaction paradigm.

TLC & Networking

CyBro can provide and integrate a unique combination of telecommunications technologies allowing transfer of data to\from Off-Shore Platforms towards Central Operational C&C Center

Integrated Early Warning Detection System

The solution proposed by CyBro is an integrated platform designed for organizations where one (or more) operating centers handle sensitive activities, in order to manage routine tasks and emergencies that fall under their direct control

The system is a complete and advanced smart platform for managing, integrated and secure:

  • Correlation of data
  • Information Fusion
  • Check the history data / behavior
  • Error Handling
  • Emergency management