We are highly competitive in the security market
Over the last 10 years jointly with our partners we have delivered numerous security projects:

Perimeter inductive, smart and virtual fencing – over 40,000,000 m
Central control rooms  –Hundreds
CCTV systems  with NVR capabilities  and video analytics – over 10,000
 CCTV Cameras  (Surveillance, Thermal, Special cameras) – over 100,000
Storage data Installed – over 3000 PB

Gate Elements:

Access control(over 60,000 controllers  and readers)  – over 1000 systems
Anti terror barrier (Bollards, K-8-12 arm barrier etc.) – over 1000
LPR systems  – over 400 systems
Screening systems (x- ray, metal detectors, UVS) – over 1000’s units
Pedestrian entrance facilities (Turnstiles, gates) – over 1000’s units

And additional equipment: Radars, IR posts, Microwave systems, GPS surveillance, Public address  Etc.