We provide Physical & Critical Asset Security for large infrastructure installations.

Public transportation
(eg. Metro, rail, bus, roadways)
  • Alerts for hazardous situations at bridges and level crossings 
  • Detects unauthorized personnel in tunnels and on tracks 
  • Provides platform crowd management 
  • Protects train yards and depots 
  • Identifies queuing and crowd bottlenecks
Critical infrastructure
(eg. Oil & gas, pipelines, factories, refineries, electric/water plants)
  • Issues alerts for suspicious activity anywhere within the perimeter 
  • Detects loitering 
  • Indicates overcrowding 
  • Identifies unauthorized vehicles
Airports and Sea Ports
  • Provides perimeter protection 
  • Detects bottlenecks at security checks, gates and check-in counters 
  • Identifies breaches in gate security 
  • Indicates overcrowding throughout the terminal 
  • Monitors queue formations 
  • Detects potential threats in terminals and parking areas from vehicles or unattended baggage
  • Detects runway and taxiway breaches by unauthorized vehicles
City centres
(eg. Traffic, pedestrians, buildings, public spaces)
  • Alerts when crowds gather near sensitive locations
  • Detects intrusions in restricted or dangerous areas
  • Identifies vehicles blocking lanes or access 
  • Issues alerts regarding traffic congestion 
  • Reports double-parked vehicles 
  • Monitors occupancy levels at designated locations